My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing

My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing

My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing...

The year was 1997 and I was 19 years-old and a junior in college.

I was over at my girlfriend’s house one evening and her father was watching a video tape on the TV.

The person on the video was talking about how to get paid when you were sleeping.

I asked him, “That sounds great, how do I do that?”

He said, “Oh, you have to see this, it’s amazing!  It’s called Network Marketing and I’m going to be rich and you can too.  Just come down to this hotel meeting on Thursday.”

Now, I honestly didn’t care about money or business.  I just liked his daughter so I figured I should probably go to the meeting. 

(Side note: that turned out to be the best decision for a couple of reasons – 1) I ended up marrying that girl and 2) I made millions of dollars in Network Marketing).  

My First Day As A Network Marketer...

I guess you could call me the perfect prospect for Network Marketing.

As a young & naive 19 year-old, I knew nothing about the profession, and I had just enough money on my very first credit card to sign up.

And sign up I did!  That very night of the first hotel meeting I went to.

I mean come on, surely I could find 3 people and after 7 months that would turn into 2,000+ on my 7th level and I’d be making a ton of money, right?

When I signed up at the meeting I ended up taking my sponsor’s kit home.

This thing was huge and it had all the training and important info in it.

I read through everything and started making my list as it suggested.

Believe it or not, I actually had over 150 names down.  I was pumped and couldn’t wait to get started.

The next morning I woke up and called my best friend and followed the script…

“Dylan, it’s Ben.  Listen do you have some time to sit down with me today, I have a business project I’d love to run by you.”

He said, “Why do you sound so weird?”

I told him, “Dude, I went to this meeting last night with my girlfriend’s dad and they showed me something that’s going to make me rich and you have to see it.”

Okay, I strayed a little away from the script.  But it worked, he was interested…

He asked, “What is it?”

After about 45 minutes of me talking about levels, passive-residual income, ranks, upline, downlines, etc. he didn’t want to sign up.  In fact, he avoided me for 6 months.

Sure, I was a little bummed so I thought I’d try to get a customer.

This was a long distance MLM called Excel Communications.  This was back when we had long distance charges.  

Their service was $.10 cents per minute and the major carriers were $.12.  I thought for sure I could get some customers.

I called my mom and followed the script.  “Mom, I need a favor.  If I could save you some money on your long distance bill and it wouldn’t cost you anything to become my customer, would you just try the service.”

She said, “I’m sorry honey, AT&T is all I use and they’ve been good to me.”

Where Do I go From Here?

As you can see, I didn’t get off to the best start.  But, I went to some local trainings and heard “it’s a numbers game.”  

So, I kept after it.

Over the next 6 months I shared my business and service with 98 people.  Every single one said, “No!”

Most were pretty rude about it too.

You can imagine the impact this had on me, I was devastated.

Shoot, after my first 2 people said no, I was devastated.

I was told “it was a numbers game.”

I was told “I just needed to work on myself.”

And so I did.

For my first 6 months in Network Marketing I went to all the trainings, read all the books, and reached out to those 98 people.

During that process I realized something that would impact my future:  I didn’t like the feeling of trying to “get” the people I knew to look at my product or business.

It just Didn't Feel Right To me...

Naturally, I brought this up with some of the seasoned leaders in my company.  I told them that I was thinking of trying this “cold-market” thing.

The look they gave me was one of horror and disgust.  They said, “Oh no Ben, those things don’t duplicate.”

Over the next few years I tried to force myself to follow the system.

After 3 years of “being in the business” I had 24 bodies in my team.  23 of which I paid for to join (don’t ever do that, they’ll never do anything).

The 1 person that did join, quit a week after he signed up.

At the end of my 3rd year I came to a crossroads where I had to make a decision.

Was I going To Make This Work Or Just Give Up?

The local leaders were telling me I just wasn’t following the system or just needed to work more on myself.  “Come to the next national event, that’s where everything changes for people.”

But something wasn’t sitting right with me.

The leadership kept saying that warm market recruiting was the only thing that would duplicate.

The problem was, I wasn’t seeing those leaders having duplication in their teams.

I saw them recruiting a lot of people.  And then 1 out of 10 that they’d bring on would eventually become a leader and recruit a bunch more.

But all the people they’d recruit would eventually stop showing up at the meetings.

For some reason, the same number of people kept coming to the meetings week after week. 

That was the first the question first popped into my mind that changed everything for me: “If warm market is the only thing that duplicates, then why doesn’t it?”

That's When Everything Changed...

I remember very clearly making a decision that I wasn’t going to keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

If I was going to change the results I would have to change my methods.

That’s when I decided to look into using the internet to build my business.

This was around 2000 and high speed internet was just starting to become a thing.

I remember doing a search on Yahoo and I saw an advertisement come up about exactly what I was looking for.

That’s when it hit me:  I could take my offer and put it directly in front of people looking for what I had.  Duh!

And so began my journey into mastering online marketing.

Over the next 3 years I spent thousands of dollars learning and trying.  About 12 months into learning it happened.

I woke up to get ready for work and checked my email.

There, sitting in my inbox was an email from my email auto responder.

The subject line read, “Lead:  Request For Information.”

My very first lead had “opted in” to one of my ads.

Yes, someone I didn’t know, was asking ME for information about my Network Marketing company.

From that moment on, everything changed.  I had confidence in my business.  I looked forward to talking to leads that came in every day.  My entire mindset and attitude changed.

This began my transition into building Network Marketing full-time.  

Over the next 16 to 18 years I would go on to earn over $9 million dollars in commissions and built teams of over 150,000 customers.

Guess what?  I’ve taken all of that experience and put it into an online Academy called “Digital Networker Academy.”  Click the image below if you’d like to learn more about it…

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