The Digital Networker Academy

Digital Networker Academy is the most complete digital marketing (also known as online marketing) training program for Network Marketers available on the market.

Our mission is to help Network Marketers master digital marketing so they can achieve success in their Network Marketing business.  

We do this through step-by-step courses that are laid out to teach you everything you’re going to need to know about digital marketing.

From lead generation and funnels to mindset and leadership, we cover everything you’re going to need to become a master Digital Networker.

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How Can Digital Networker Academy Help?

How can Digital Networker Academy Help

Here’s a fact:  Most Network Marketers do very little in their businesses.  When I say most, I mean over 95%!  Why?  Simple, they aren’t comfortable with either the recruiting process, customer gathering process, or both.

That’s how it was for me.  The first 98 people I talked to (all friends and family) said, “No!”

I wanted a way to have people come to me and ask me for information and that’s exactly what digital marketing can do and that’s why I created the Digital Networker Academy – to show you how to master it.


Are you a Network Marketer that deals with…

Good News: We Can Help!

We Help You Master Digital Marketing...

LEAD GENERATION Mastery | Funnel Mastery | Leadership Mastery

Lead Generation Mastery

Imagine waking every morning to an email inbox full of leads – people who want more information about your product or opportunity.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?  

Well that’s what we help you master!

We will show you step-by-step how to become a master of online lead generation.  We teach you how to target the perfect people for your business, how to put your message in front of them (using both free and paid methods).  Then we will show you how to convert those people into leads!

Funnel Mastery

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With Funnel Mastery you’ll learn how to master every step of the business building process.  We will show you how to create awesome marketing pages (no web design skills necessary) that convert people into leads.  Don’t worry, FREE templates are available!

We will show you how to set-up automated email follow-up so you have a system following up with your leads 24/7.  Again, not to worry, free templates will be available.

Then we will show you to use webinars (live and automated) to close your leads into your business.  This is called “converting” and we’re going to help you master it!

Leadership Mastery

It doesn’t do any good to get a bunch of people to join with you in your business if they’re just going to quit in a few months.  You want duplication and growth, right?

Well, that means being a leader to an organization.

With Leadership Mastery we will not only show you how to effectively launch your new team members, but we’ll show you how to drive depth and create duplication as well.

All of the methods we teach utilize digital marketing tools.  That means you can truly build a home based business.