How To Build Network Marketing Online?

How To Build Network Marketing Online

How To Build NEtwork Marketing Online

I get asked the question all the time: “Ben, can you really build network marketing online?

The answer is, yes, you absolutely can!

There are 9 key areas that you need to master in order to build a successful Network Marketing business online…

Digital Networker Roadmap

The Digital Networker Roadmap

To build Network Marketing online you have to master what I call “The Digital Networker Roadmap.”

These 9 steps will take you from a frustrated, embarrassed and stuck Network Marketer to a confident, successful Network Marketer that is the envy of everyone in their company.

Step #1: Network Marketing Mindset

When you set out to build a Network Marketing business online there’s a tendency to think it’s going to lead to you becoming rich overnight.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it won’t.

Learning to market online requires you put the time and effort in, just like anything else.

I compare it to learning a new language.  The more you practice and do it, the more fluent you become.

Just like in “traditional” Network Marketing, you’re going to need thick skin.

You’re going to need a strong “why” that pushes you to learn and grow.

You’re going to be challenged to give up and quit because of a technical challenge, or when you launch your first ad and you don’t get any leads.

Just understand, it’s part of the process and if you stick with it, you will become a master.

Step #2: Network Marketing Digital Tools

There are some important tools that I recommend every Network Marketer uses when they start building online.

Don’t worry, some are free and most don’t cost very much money.  However, I will say, if you want to be taken seriously as a professional Network Marketer, you’re going to need to spend a little bit of money, so be prepared.

Here are the main tools I recommend…

Note:  Yes, I do receive an affiliate commission from some of these products.  This is what allows me to continue to provide quality training and content without charging additional fees.  It also allows me the ability to provide some pretty cool bonuses for people who enroll with me.

ClickFunnels is the #1 page builder software that I recommend.  Yes, it’s a little pricey at $97 per month but you can get it paid for by just referring a few people to it.

It gives you the ability to build funnels extremely fast. And, for those that enroll with me personally, I give you FREE funnel templates.  LEARN MORE >>

Active Campaign is the CRM/Email Auto Responder that I recommend.  It’s hands down the best on the market and it starts at only $9 per month.  There are others out there such as Mailchimp or Aweber, but I believe AC is the best around.    LEARN MORE >>

ManyChat is the main tool that I recommend for instantly connecting with prospects and leads.  You can put it on your marketing pages as well as run ads directly to it.

It starts at $10 per month and goes up as your subscriber count grows.  LEARN MORE >>

Step #3: Market Research

Whenever I ask Network Marketers, “who’s your ideal customer,” they usually respond with something like, “What do you mean, everyone is perfect for my product.”

This is not true.  If it were, getting customers would be easy.

Your product may have been designed to work for everyone but there are many factors that go into a buying decision for a customer.  

What you need to do is identify who’s perfect for your product and what problems do they have.  All you need to do then is offer to solve them.  

You do this by research.  You need to find out where your customers are, what they’re reading, watching, asking.

Here are a few helpful resources to start doing market research:

1. Google Search – just a plain google search of your product niche and look at the top ranking pages.  They’re ranking there because so many people link to them – so they’re in high demand.  Read what they have to say.

2. Quora – a great research tool to find out common questions people are asking around your product niche.

3. – a cool resource that summarizes all the popular Google search queries around your topic.

4. YouTube – YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  Go there, type in your topic and look at the top ranking videos and their topics.  Read the comments!

5.  Amazon – great source of information if you’re in a product based Network Marketing company.  As much as you don’t want to admit it, a competitor product is on Amazon.  Research the positive and negative reviews of your competition.  Find out what people are complaining about.

I’d recommend creating a Google spreadsheet of the common concerns, complaints, problems and positives that you find.

Your goal is to get as much insight into your target market as you can.  This is goin to help you talk to them in a way that helps you close a lot more people into your business.

Step #4: ATTRACT

Once you’ve figured out who your ideal customer is and what their biggest problems are that need solving, now it’s time to get them to come to you for help.

You do this by creating what’s called a “Lead Magnet.”

This is simply some sort of content that you’re giving people in exchange for them giving you their contact information.

Chances are, if you do a Google search for your product niche you’ll see lead magnets galore appearing in the results.

Here’s a list of my favorite lead magnets:

1.  An on-demand training
2.  A live webinar
3.  A PDF download (Example: “7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting”)
4.  A thorough blog post (like this one 😬)
5.  A quiz/survey

All of these are great.  It really comes down to your strengths.  If you’re great on video then perhaps an on-demand training or live webinar would be good.  If you’re a better writer then perhaps creating a downloadable PDF or blog post is better for you.

It really doesn’t matter which method you choose, what matters is that you know the content.

You have to know your product niche inside and out.  Your company should have significant training around he products and it’s important that you become an expert.  (How are people going to believe in you enough to do business with you if they don’t think you know what you’re talking about).  

Step #5: Funnel

Sometimes people confuse the term “funnel” with website.  These are not the same thing.

Yes, a marketing funnel includes websites/marketing pages but a marketing funnel is a process to take people from knowing nothing about your offer, to becoming a paying customer.

It’s a specific set of steps designed to help your customer make an educated decision without getting distracted and lost in all the “stuff” on your company’s website.

A marketing funnel in Network Marketing typically includes the following flow…

Traffic (warm or cold) >> Landing Page/Squeeze page >> Overview/Sales Page >> Company Replicated Order Page. 

The “content” that you put on these pages comes from the market research you did in step 3.  

All of your content should be about solving the problems of your prospects.

I provide FREE marketing funnel templates through ClickFunnels if you’d like to take advantage of them.  They can give you a running start.

Step #6: Convert

Conversion means “close.”  And, even if you don’t think we’re in sales and we don’t close people, we are and we must.

The first conversion you’ll usually have is a customer.  

To get someone to become your customer you have to be able to help them see how your product solves their problem better than anything else.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have some competition and that’s called, Amazon.

Yes, I know, your product is 1,000 times better, has better ingredients, better efficacy, etc.  But for the consumer it usually comes down to price and positive reviews.

I’m going to guess your product isn’t cheaper.  And, I’m going to guess there isn’t an easy way for them to see the reviews like on Amazon.

So what do you do?

You create what I call, “An irresistible offer.”

An irresistible offer is simply an added bonus that you add on to your company’s product.

It could be something simple like a PDF of recipes, a free training, or even you helping them get set up.

The key is to help your customer understand that in addition to the amazing product they’re also getting your irresistible offer.

Step #7: Ascend

“Ascend” – to go up or climb…

What we’re doing now is taking someone interested in the product and ascending them to an excited distributor.

The best distributors are raving fans of the product.  That’s why it’s important to sell them on the product first.

But, this ascension step is how you build financial independence in Network Marketing.  This is how you build a team of independent distributors working their business – even when you’re not.

What I recommend doing is encouraging your potential customer to consider becoming a distributor – even before they’ve ordered product.

This is where you help your customers understand the additional benefits of being a distributor.

For most companies this means things like free product, better discounts, etc.

This is also a great time to incorporate any testimonials from previous customers that are now distributors.

Note:  This is not the time where you put them in front of your company’s business opportunity presentation where they learn about levels, ranks, income disclosure, etc.

If they aren’t ready to be a distributor right now that’s fine, just sign them up as a customer and set up their launch date.

Step #8: Launch

Ha!  You had a customer sign up and you thought you were done.  You’re so funny.  Now comes the real work…

Launching your new customer is easy and should happen as close to when they receive their product as possible (preferably the same day).

Your company probably has some sort of product pack that requires a little bit of education.  Take your customer through that (can be in person, over the phone or my favorite – using Zoom or Skype).

Answer questions and once again, remind them of the powerful benefits of ascending to distributor.

Remember, you’ve done research on this market so you know their pain points.  Talk about how other people in your company solved those pain points by becoming a distributor.

Know down objections by using stories and examples.

This is also a great time to incorporate 3rd party validation tools like a team/company private Facebook group.  Add them to the group, tag them in some important videos/testimonials.

You may also want to do a group message with some of your leaders in your upline.  Just be sure to get everyone’s permission before you put them all in a group messaging chat.

Step #9: Leadership

Duplication is what every is after in Network Marketing.  The reality is duplication is a bit of a myth.

Don’t get me wrong, you can have people in your team that do just as well as you – maybe even better.  But trying to create the perfect system that will duplicate for everyone is impossible.

Case and point…

What’s the most common method of building that is taught by 99.9% of Network Marketing leaders?  Warm market, right?

It makes sense on the surface.  

You don’t have to spend any money to start building in the warm market.  You don’t have to learn too many special skills, and you can start doing it the moment you join.

Warm market recruiting is designed to be the most duplicable method of building a Network Marketing business.

So here’s my question…

Why then does Network Marketing have a 95% failure rate? 😱🤯


The reason is because people are people and no system and no training can change human behavior.

What I learned a long time ago (through my own trial and error) is that you have to be adaptable and be able to coach and mentor all different kinds of people.

This is where I think we’re failing in the Network Marketing profession.  

There are some leaders that have had a tremendous amount of success in the warm market so they teach it, and rightfully so!  

They get extremely frustrated when people don’t follow their system.

They get this way because they can’t relate or understand why people struggle just talking to someone they know.  It’s literally the easiest thing to do.

Yet, 95%+ of the people who join our profession have little to no positive results following this method.  I sure didn’t.  The first 98 people on my list all said, “No!”

The leaders that I shared my frustrations with blamed me.

They said, “You just need to work on your mindset more.”  They said, “Don’t stop, it’s a numbers game,” “You need to come to the next National event, that’s where you’ll learn the secret.”

So I did all those things and still no results.

That’s when I decided to master digital marketing (this was in 2000).  It took me a few years but eventually I did it and I’ve been full-time ever since.

They key to being a successful leader in Network Marketing is being able to work with all different types of people.  That means learning digital marketing!

Can you imagine if I would have quit?  My upline was lucky I didn’t.  They made MILLIONS of dollars from my production.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t as hard headed as me.  Most wouldn’t be able to handle the frustration and embarrassment of failing trying to follow the warm-market method.  That’s why attrition is so high in our business.

So even if you have had massive success in the warm market – you owe it to yourself to master digital marketing too.  Imagine how powerful you could be if you were a master at both!!!

Want Help Mastering These 9 Steps?

I created Digital Networker Academy to give Network Marketers a complete A-Z guide for mastering digital marketing.

This is the system I wish I would have had back in 2000 when I decided to start marketing my business.  I would have saved THOUSANDS of dollars and many years of my life!

My goal is to help you dramatically speed up the process of achieving success online.

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