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Connecting with your warm market absolutely works for some people.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have success in the warm market.  That’s when I set out to find a way to make Network Marketing work for me, and that’s what led me to online marketing.  I have since created a 7-figure income in Network Marketing over a 20+ year career using nothing but online/digital marketing.  It is now my mission to help Network Marketers all over the world do the same.

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Lead Generation is the lifeblood of your business.  It affects your mindset, momentum and every other aspect of your business.  DigitalNetworker’s expertise is lead generation using digital marketing.

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Funnel Mastery

At DigitalNetworker we not only help you master lead generation.  We also help you every step of the Network Marketing funnel process.  This includes mastering mindset, lead generation, conversion, and leadership.

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Leadership Mastery

Yes, it’s possible to lead an organization using digital marketing techniques and strategies.  In fact, I believe it’s even easier than traditional “face-to-face” methods.  We show you how to use modern tools & resources to create a massive team online.

What Makes DN Different?

People ask me all the time, “Ben, what makes DigitalNetworker so different, aren’t there a ton of courses that teach online marketing?”

Yes, there are a lot of courses that teach online marketing.  What there aren’t a lot of is actual successful, proven Network Marketers that teach all aspects of online marketing.

What we teach at DN is more than just how to run ads.  It’s more than just tips for using technology.  We provide a complete training platform that covers every aspect of what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing using Digital Marketing techniques.

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Ben Sturtevant, Founder & CEO of DigitalNetworker.io

MLM Scam
Network Marketing
Ben Sturtevant

Is Your MLM Company A Scam?

Is My MLM Company a Scam? This is a question that most Network Marketers ask about the MLM company that the join. If you don’t know the difference between MLM and Network Marketing it’s simple… MLM describes the compensation structure of a company (multi-level marketing) while Network Marketing describes the industry or profession that encompasses

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My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing
Network Marketing
Ben Sturtevant

My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing

My Embarrassing Start In Network Marketing… The year was 1997 and I was 19 years-old and a junior in college. I was over at my girlfriend’s house one evening and her father was watching a video tape on the TV. The person on the video was talking about how to get paid when you were

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What is Network Marketing
Network Marketing
Ben Sturtevant

What Is Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing? Network Marketing (also called Multi-level marketing or MLM) has been around since the 1920’s. The profession falls under the umbrella of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). According to the DSA the industry generates over $35 billion dollars per year in the United States and has 5.9 million part-time distributors and 27.3

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